24 November, 2010

Are YOU Addicted to Sugar?

It's the end of Day 4 of no sugar and I am beginning to feel better.  No headache today.  A co-worker brought in apple danishes today; even though they looked yummy (they had icing AND cinnamon!) and they were only 6 feet away from me, it wasn't that hard to resist them.  Probably because I'm still all uber-motivated.

I've known that I have "issues" with sugar for quite some time now.  I remember eating stack after stack of cookies after school when I was 15.  But I was only about 98 pounds then, so I didn't really care if I couldn't control my sweets intake.  (Just in case you are curious, currently my BMI is at the very upper end of Normal.  Yes, I could stand to lose 10 to 15 pounds.  But I'm in no way obese.) Even if I don't lose one pound this year, I truly believe that I will be a happier person having sugar out of my life.

Maybe you are wondering if your sweet tooth is out of control.  Take the quiz!  (This is not scientific.  Basically, I looked up an alcohol addiction quiz and adapted it to relate to sugar consumption.  See the link at the bottom of this post for the original quiz).


  1. Is your sugar consumption making your home life unhappy?
  2. Do you eat sugary foods in order to be more sociable?
  3. Have you ever felt remorse after eating sweets?
  4. Has your motivation decreased since you began eating too much sugar?
  5. Do you crave a sugary snack at a definite time daily?
  6. After indulging in too many sweets, is your desire for sweets increased the next day?
  7. Does eating too much dessert cause you to have difficulty in sleeping?
  8. Do you eat sweets to escape from worries or trouble, or to relax?
  9. Do you eat sweets alone because you are embarrassed by how much you eat?
  10. Do you hide sweets from others (do you have a "stash")?
  11. Have you ever tried to stop eating sugar and found that you couldn't?
  12. Has your physician ever treated you for something that resulted from your poor eating habits?

If you answered 3 or more of the questions with a "Yes," there is a strong possibility that your sugar-eating patterns are detrimental to your health and that you may be sugar dependent.  Under these circumstances, the authors of this tool suggest that you should get an evaluation of your sugar-eating behavior by a healthcare professional.  (Johns Hopkins Alcohol Addiction Quiz)

I answered "Yes" to 9 out of 12!  How did you score??

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!! I'll post how I get through the holiday without sugar...ugh.  No fun.


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