21 November, 2010

The First Day is a Piece of Cake

Today will be my first day without sugar - my goal is that there will be 364 more sugar-free days ahead.  It kind of makes me sad.  But I have to remind myself that I'm better off without sugar.

[Disclaimer for my husband: the following analogy is being used for entertainment purposes only - it's not based on personal experience]   Sweets are like that bad boyfriend who is so much fun you're with him, but then afterwards, you feel disgusting and guilty. 

Of course, I had to have my "farewell to sweets" day yesterday.  I started out with a bowl of Frosted Mini-Wheats.  The best part is the Frosted.  I love it when the wheat part gets all mushy in the milk, but the sugar is still crusty.  Cereal is fantastic.  Then I went to the local coffee shop and had a (small) caramel macchiato, which I mentioned yesterday, but it was good enough to deserve a second mention.

When I got home it was late afternoon, so I had some leftover quinoa & veggie salad (see Recipe tab).  Then I had a cold, frosty glass of organic 1% milk and a little piece of heaven masquerading as a Safeway brownie. 

Yes, I am a total hypocrite - I eat quinoa & veggies and organic milk, but I follow it with a brownie.  But seriously, these brownies must be made with crack because they are totally addicting.  If you aren't trying to give up sugar, and you love chocolate, you have got to try these brownies.  They are at Safeway in the bakery section:

20 seconds in the microwave = pure bliss

There are still two of these bad boys sitting on my kitchen counter.  I am pretending that they don't exist. 

Okay, now to get to the point of today's post:  what are the specifics of this endeavor?  Here is a list of things that contain sugar, but I am going to continue to eat.  I'm also including my rationalizations.
  • Fruit - I'm not going to eat a ton of it, but I think this should stay in my diet and here's why:  fruit is a whole food (not processed);  it's got vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants;  I've never binged on bananas or strawberries...I don't think fruit is a "problem" food for me. 
  • Stevia - This is a natural sweetener that does not contain sugar and does not affect your blood-sugar (which causes moodiness and energy crashes). 
  • Trace sugars that aren't obvious - this is mostly for when I go out to eat.  Using common sense and my own knowledge of foods I'll steer clear of things that I suspect contain sugar.
  • 100% fruit juice
  • Red Wine - because I'm going to need a drink after a week without sugar.  Really, though, I'm not a big drinker.
Here's my "no" list:

  • Refined sugars/HFCS - that's a "duh"
  • Maple syrup - only because I can totally see myself eating waffles drenched in maple syrup until my tummy hurts
  • Honey
  • Brown rice syrup
  • Agave nectar - because it's very concentrated and totally delicious (I could see myself over-doing it)
  • Artificial sweeteners
We'll see how this day goes...I've done a week without sugar before.  I've even done a month....but at some point I "just have one" of anything sweet.  Next thing you know, I'm eating pastries & mochas for breakfast. 

I wonder why there's a stigma against having ice cream or cookies or chocolate for breakfast when eating a doughnut is acceptable?  Just a thought.  Mmmm...doughnuts.

~ TooSweetMiriahJane

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