23 November, 2010

My Friend - Over Six Years Sugar Free

I actually know one of those sugar-free freaks. My good friend Robyn. I met her at work 5 years ago and at that point she'd been sugar-free for about a year. And she's still going*. She didn't quit sugar because she doesn't like it - totally the opposite. She was enslaved by it. She tried to cut back to eating one dessert per week. But then she was a crazed sugar-fiend all week until she made it to the day when she allowed herself one dessert - and so the cycle continued.

She decided there was a better way - to cut out sugars & sweets completely. And that's what she did...you see, by totally eliminating the substance, she eventually stopped having the cravings. Now she is truly sugar-free - she's not a slave to her own temptations.

I've admired this in her since the day I found out that she doesn't eat sugar. When she told me, I couldn't even comprehend the idea.

Me: "So you never eat candy or cake or cookies or ice cream?"

Robyn: "Right."

Me: "But what about on your birthday, or at Christmas-time? Not even then?"

Robyn: < laughs > "No, not even then."

Me: "But you can't do this forever. I mean, how do you have fun on vacations? What do you do at parties? Life must be so boring."

Robyn: "Actually, life is much better since I stopped eating sugar. I don't even want it anymore. And there's more to vacations and parties than eating sweets. Besides, I think I've already eaten every possible form of sweet food out there."

Me: "True...well, I could never do it."

Note that I didn't say "True....well, I would never want to do that." I said that I couldn't do it. I'm hoping that by writing about my experience, it will keep me honest.  I'm so not the type of person who writes a blog. Well maybe I am now, technically.  I guess what I mean is, I'm not the type of person who thinks the whole world gives a crap about what I'm doing.  But I am the type of person who likes to write, and I'm hoping that eventually a few people will read this and offer some tips or encouragement.

If you're trying to quit eating sugar, or if you've been successful, I'd love to hear from you.  Just knowing that other people can do it really inspires me to keep going.

* In the interest of full disclosure, I have been informed that Robyn ate Cold Stone (ice cream) about 6 months ago!!  But she's allowed a treat every few years, I think!


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