20 November, 2010

My Last Day with Sweets

"Quitting...is easy, I've done it hundreds of times." ~ Mark Twain

Well, Mark Twain was talking about his smoking habit...I don't smoke, but I do have an unhealthy habit. I eat too much sugar (most of us do, actually). And I too have quit sugar many many times in the past 5 years or so, only to quit quitting and go back to the evil (and seductively delicious) stuff.

It feels like an addiction - the mere fact that I've tried and failed to quit eating sweets (even though I really really want to) seems to be evidence that sugar, at least, is addictive for me.

In fact, I am drinking a creamy, delicious caramel macchiato as I type this right now, but it's not for the caffeine! I drink it for the sweetness. I think coffee without sugar is gross...but that coffee-flavored sugar that they peddle at Starbucks...mmm...so delightful. My caramel macchiatto is so sweet, it almost hurts. Almost.

So, who am I and why do you care if I give up eating sweets or not?

I'm an otherwise healthy person who is addicted to sugar. I recently turned 30 and last year I married a man with a sweet tooth almost as big as my own (it's hard to compete with my love of sweets). 

When I'm not seeking out or eating candy, cakes, or ice cream, I like to do things that are good for me like reading, doing yoga, and hiking (I'm very lucky to have a trail only a two-minute walk from my house!  I love it).

Why do you care if I quit eating sugar or not?  Maybe you don't, but if you're like me, you have considered giving up sugar and you wonder, "Can it really be done?". You may know one or two people who have given up sugar, and you may think they are freaks...seriously, who does that??  BUT you may also secretly wish that you were one of those freaks. One of those people who are presented with an array of cookies, cakes, chocolates, etc. at a party and politely decline; and when pressed to "just have one" these freaks reply with a serene smile, "No thank you, I don't eat sweets."

A part of me thinks these people are missing out by being too strict with their diets.  Live a little, right?  However, there's another part of me who is jealous of that person because she doesn't have any trouble turning down these evil treats.

So tomorrow will be my first day. I'm only doing this for one year, then I'll re-evaluate.  Maybe after a year I won't notice any improvement in my health and I'll decide that eating sugar is totally worth it.  Maybe (and I'm hoping this is the result) I'll feel fantastic and I won't even want sugar anymore.

As far as sugars go, what "counts" what doesn't?  Some sugar-free freaks give up fruit because, obviously, they contain sugars.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep eating fruits...but what about honey?  What about agave nectar?  What about artificial sweeteners?  I'll figure it out and put it in tomorrow's post.


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