22 November, 2010

Sugar Works Better than Excedrin

It's been two days since I've had any sweets.  This has been me for the last two days:
At first I thought it was caffeine.  So I had some hot black tea - no change.  Then I thought, maybe I'm dehydrated, so I made sure to drink plenty of water.  That didn't help so I went to bed with a headache.  Then I had a Twizzler, and then two more.  Then I ate some chocolates, gummy bears, some kind of pie - not sure what kind, but it was really sweet and really delicious.
No, I didn't give in already, but I did have sugar-filled dreams.  I woke up so upset, thinking "oh no! I couldn't even last one day!"  And I was so relieved when I realized it was a dream.

So Day Two wasn't that bad...but I still have a terrible headache.  I took some headache medicine this morning (and just to be safe, had some hot tea with caffeine).  But to no avail. 

Now, I can't be 100% positive that it's the lack of sugar causing my headache, but I've never had a headache for two straight days.  Except for the time that I quit caffeine for a while. 

Has anyone else experienced any "withdrawal" symptoms after quitting sugar?  I'd say that so far, the physical symptoms aren't really that bad.  I'm expecting that the most difficult part of quitting sugar for me will be the social/psychological aspects.  Thanksgiving, for example, will be tough.  My mother-in-law makes an amazing apple crumble and I'm sure she'll wonder why I'm not having any.  I'm hoping that I'll be too full of dinner foods to want dessert. 

But I'm also thinking that maybe I'll just make something and bring it with me...maybe apples and cinnamon and nuts.  I'll have to look up some recipes. If anyone has any all-natural, sugar-free, artificial sweetener-free, dessert recipes please let me know!  "Healthy" or fruit-based desserts are a foreign concept to me.  I've always thought "why? When I can have some Haagen Dazs or a fews squares of caramel-filled Ghirardelli?"

Next time, I'll post about how I get through Thanksgiving without sweets (I'm thinking wine will be involved somehow). 


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