28 December, 2010

Christmas without Chocolate

It's akin to Christmas without presents...it just feels wrong.  But I made it through.  When I told my mom that I was giving up sugar for a year, her response was "what am I going to put in your stocking?"  Well, I got what everyone else got...minus the sweets.

Yes, I successfully managed to stick to my resolution - and it was no easy task, let me tell you!  My family (mom, dad, brother & sister) flew out to celebrate Christmas with us, so they stayed with us for a week.  Now, I love my family, but having guests is stressful.  My family is extremely LOW maintenance but I'm neurotic so of course everything had to be perfect for them. 

For me, sugar is not only pleasurable; it's over-the-counter Xanax.  If I weren't on this no-sugar kick, the day before my family arrived you'd most likely find me sprawled on the couch watching a Hoarders marathon...in a food coma, with a belly-ache and copious amounts of empty chocolate wrappers double-bagged in the garbage so that my husband wouldn't see what a gluttonous mess I was. 

But I digress.

Since Christmas without sweets seems to me so utterly Grinchy (yes, I made that word up myself) I decided that I'd fill my cookie jar with cookies and my candy jars with candies.  Was I taking a risk buying these goodies?  Yes.  But I need to face it - I live in a world filled with my drug of choice. 

Have you ever taken a giant whiff of Oreo cookies?  If you have not, you should.  It's glorious.  Since I was not eating Oreos, I made sure to smell them - often.  It made resisting them a little easier because smelling the delicious Oreo aroma is almost as wonderful as eating them.  Okay, that's a flat-out lie.  It made me realize what I was missing and it pissed me off. 

But one good thing did come of the Oreos in my house.  My brother gave me an idea for a new treat to add to the list of foods I'll eat on Day 366 of no sugar.  He said he took around 6 or 7 Oreos, put them into a bowl, drenched them in milk and ate it like cereal.  Now that is something I'd like to try.


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