05 December, 2010

World-Wide Temptations

Today I'm officially two weeks sugar-free...and it was a little harder than the first week.  Granted, there were no awful headaches, but there were more (it seemed) temptations:
  • Maui Loa Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts - a co-worker brought these in from her trip to Hawaii.  I've eaten these before so I knew what I was missing. And it was painful.  I tried to take routes in the office that didn't pass by them.
  • Chocolate Covered Miscellaneous - another co-worker brought in candy from her trip to Costa Rica (yes...my co-workers take some pretty awesome vacations!).  There were, among others, chocolate covered espresso & coffee beans.  I am a huge fan of those...but I never had any from Costa Rica!  Oh well.  I stayed late in the office and I was tired and a little stressed.  A few of those would have been so nice.  But I resisted.
  • Cookies as Big as My Head - I actually have a pretty small head, but in cookie terms it's big.  I had a day of professional training at a nice hotel.  At lunch they had an entire table of giant cookies.  They were roughly the size of a small salad plate.  I wish I'd remembered to take a photo.  I could have used one of these cookies during the update on tax rules.  Yawn!
  • Sweets Smorgasbord - I went to a choir concert last night and afterwards there was a pot-luck type of reception with all kinds of treats.  Cookies, brownies, toffee, mini muffins, chocolates, & more (you can see for yourself the array of delightful desserts that I passed up).

One thing has made it easier this time - since, as I've noted before, I've tried to quit sweets many many times.  I have a defined amount of time that I am trying to go without sugar - One Year.  It's much easier to work within those constraints.  Before, I would try to quit and then I'd give up because I couldn't imagine going sugar-free for the rest of my life.  But for some reason, the idea that I can have a sugar-filled extravaganza on day 366 keeps me going. 

What's the point of going a whole year without sugar, just to gluttonously return to it as soon as I'm done?  I guess I'm hoping that after living without it for so long, I won't want it back in my life (at least not permanently).  Maybe a once-a-year sugar fest will be good enough.  Maybe it will make me feel so crappy that I am reminded as to why I gave it up.


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